Step 1 : Registration

Pujo Committees need to register their pujos by visiting the website www.kolkatashreeshamman.com. Last date of registration is Saturday - 23rd , September 2023.

Step 2 : Phase 1 Voting

The 1st phase of voting for Your Favourite Pujo will open to the public from Sunday - 24th , September 2023 ,12:01 am to Saturday - 30th , September 2023 ,12:00 am Voting will take place by logging on to www.kolkatashreeshamman.com. 200 Clubs/Committees Pujo will be shortlisted based on number of votes subsequently. Please note, all the registered Pujo Committees will get a unique code. This year the voting to be done through OTP by mail/whatsapp, where voters need to Click the unique code of their pujo to register their vote. Voting is through Kolkata Shree Shamman Website: www.kolkatashreeshamman.com

Step 3 : Phase 2 Voting

Voting for the 2nd phase is scheduled from Sunday - 01st , October 2023 ,12:01 am to Sunday - 15th , October 2023 ,11:59 pm All voting will take place through Kolkata Shree Shamman Website www.kolkatashreeshamman.com 30 Clubs/Pujo Committees will be shortlisted based on number of votes and images uploaded by each committees. Each Club/Puja Committees will have to describe their Puja Committees by uploading 12 images of their Current Year Puja. If any Club/ Puja Committees doesn't upload the images then that Club/ Puja Committees will be disqualified.

Step 4 : The Final Result

Result will be Published on Tuesday - 17th , October 2023 ,05:00 pm

Step 5 : Prize Distribution

The Prize Distribution ("Serar Sera(5)" & "Sera Pujo(10)" both Categories) will be held according to Government Notice and as per the guideline of Government Norms, situation, whatever due to Covid-19 Pandemic Period. Each will be awarded a prize of trophies and certificates by Kolkata Shree Shamman.